The power plant controller (PPC) supports both national and international grid codes, thus enabling grid-compliant feed-in from PV systems at medium-voltage and high-voltage levels worldwide. 

The high-performance blue’Log X-Series offers for this purpose a wide range of features for active and reactive power control, which guarantees grid stability – in fact manufacturer independent. Modularity and scalability allow customized plant control and provide the necessary flexibility in order to meet the needs of the high diversity of grid connection requirements.


  • Precise control of active and reactive power as well as voltage at the grid connection point
  • Integrated solutions for mixed parks thanks to manufacturer independence
  • Protocols IEC 60870-5-101/-104, IEC 61850, DNP3, Modbus
  • Graphical user interface to support commissioning

Your benefits

  • Compliance with national and international grid codes
  • High flexibility in system design and PV system technology
  • Wide compatibility thanks to interface and protocol variety
  • Reduction of initial commissioning costs due to simpler configuration and services
  • Increased transparency and investment security from planning to operation

Precise control

The power plant controller (PPC) facilitates comprehensive regulation of active and reactive power as well as the voltage of heterogeneous PV systems.

A high-accuracy power quality analyzer records all grid parameters during operation. This enables fast and stable control at the grid connection point.

Flexible. Modular. Scalable.

Power limitation, reactive power control based on characteristic curve, frequency stability and process data exchange – the power plant controller offers a wide range of functions that ensure the reliable grid integration of PV systems.

This range of functions can be flexibly expanded and adapted to any system topology to meet specific project requirements. All interfaces are modular and provide a high level of scalability as a result.

Manufacturer independence

No matter whether you are talking about a mixed park or a heterogeneous portfolio – with the all-in-one driver of the blue'Log X-Series you can meet the requirements of high protocol variety with a maximum level of flexibility.

Regular updates will continuously expand the compatibility of your system – for a sustainable, future-proof solution. 

User friendly

Parameterizing instead of programming.

The graphical user interface of the blue'Log X-Series will provide you with optimal support during commissioning and requires no programming knowledge on your part.

Thanks to the clear user interface and the industry-specific menu structure, you can easily and quickly comply with even complex grid connection regulations by parametrizing the power plant controller.

Data storage and analysis

As the basis of the power plant controller, the blue’Log X-Series locally stores the recorded data of your PV system for a few days. In combination with the VCOM, you will also benefit from unlimited long-term archiving.

The power plant control can be analyzed in real time on the controller itself and on the basis of historic measurement values with the help of VCOM or through the use of a wide range of data export options.

As a result, you have total control over the data at all times.

IT security

The power plant controller offers the following functions that will increase the IT security of your PV system:

  • User access management
  • Built-in remote access with TLS encryption
  • End-to-end encrypted configuration and data transmission

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